How to Plan the Countertops and Cabinets in Your Custom Kitchen

Cook, clean, scrub and repeat! When you think about taking on all these chores every day, it is certain that you need a good setting to make the most of your culinary skills. The kitchen must be one of the areas that stands out in your house in terms of design, function and visual appeal. A kitchen customised to your liking with a good ambience and layout is all the motivation you need to handle your chores. You can easily get bored when your sinks, cabinets and countertops aren't fitted in the right place. To avoid this, read the following piece to understand how you can plan your custom kitchen.

Visualise Your Layout

A good custom kitchen starts with you having a visual layout of the space. Typically, the structure will determine the arrangement and positioning of the other accessories, including counters and cabinets. First, determine the shape of your kitchen. Are you going with U-shaped, L-shaped, single or parallel line kitchens? U-shaped and L-shaped kitchen have an 'enclosed' feel and offer the best set-up for adding a kitchen island. If you add that in a parallel line kitchen, you are bound to make the place seem crowded.

On the same note, think about the main work stations in your kitchen. These are the fridge, sink and cooktop and cooker. Lay them out in a triangle for easy movement around these areas that you use the most. The arrangement of your cabinets should revolve around this convenient set-up.

Assess Your Cabinet Options

There are several cabinet options you can use for your kitchen. The choice, size and number in each category depend on your appliances and storage preferences. The alternatives at your disposal are:

  1. Base cabinets — Base cabinets are fitted close to the floor underneath countertops and cooktops. They are the foundation of the other cabinets, and the best option for those who have lots of cookware, utensils and appliances.
  2. Wall cabinets — Wall cabinets are fitted against your kitchen walls. They are ideal for quick access storage of plates, dry foods and glassware.
  3. Base pull-outs — You can add a ton of organisation to your kitchen with base pull-out cabinets. They are similar to base cabinets only that you need to pull the access door to reach the items stored inside. Unlike ordinary base cabinets, the movable section underneath comprises multiple small shelves for storing cans, coffee and sugar dishes. Don't leave these cans lying freely on your countertops.

For more information, contact a custom kitchen contractor in your area.