Why You Can't Underestimate the Value of Highly Visible Asphalt Line Markings

Asphalt markings are arguably helpful during the design, construction and implementation of practical road applications. They notify drivers of the types of actions to take while using residential or commercial roads, as well as parking lots and driveways. Pavement line-markings are beneficial after long winter months that experience snowing, which causes fading. Additionally, excessive road usage can also contribute to considerable fading on asphalt line-markings. Consequently, line fading impacts visibility, affecting drivers' judgment on the road, which is a recipe for disaster. 

Read on to understand why you can't underestimate the value of visible asphalt line markings and the benefits of regular maintenance: 

Helps in Regulating Traffic

When every motorist abides by the laid down traffic rules, line markings effectively guarantee safe driving conditions. These markings designate certain driving manoeuvres legal in specific jurisdictions or individual road sections. Therefore, all traffic signs on the road must be explicitly marked for driver awareness and strict adherence. For instance, yellow lines generally separate traffic flowing in the opposite direction, while broken lines indicate sections where motorists can switch lanes. 

Reflective Line Markings Help Improve Visibility

Poor visibility, especially at night, can be dangerous and a significant problem for most drivers. However, reflective asphalt line-markings help resolve this issue since they enhance road visibility in dark conditions. Furthermore, reflective line-markings are pretty effective in extreme conditions caused by fog or heavy rainfall. They are especially beneficial to heavy truck drivers working overnight shifts driving along dirt routes. These markings help drivers distinguish between different road lanes even in challenging driving conditions. 

Enhances Both Pedestrian and Driver Safety

Since reflective asphalt markings improve visibility, the safety of drivers, pedestrians and other road users is assured. However, this is only on the condition that all road users strictly observe traffic regulations. That means pedestrians should also be responsible for their safety and must stick to their designated sidewalks in the streets. Effective asphalt markings in parking lots help indicate designated loading zones for different types of vehicles or non-parking zones. Others might include speed limits, exits, entries and fire truck zones, etc. 

Helps Designate Handicapped and Family Parking Spots 

Asphalt line-markings are vital in helping distinguish between the parking for disabled and non-disabled people. That helps alleviate any confusion and misunderstandings. However, line markings on their own might not be enough to designate handicapped or family parking due to the fading they experience over time. As a result, most commercial spaces might display metallic signs above the disabled or family parking spaces to avoid confusion.

These are the four benefits of having highly visible asphalt markings on roads, pavements or sidewalks. Their significance can't be underestimated when ensuring safety for drivers, pedestrians and other road users.