Residential Landscaping: Four Simple Steps for Installing Bamboo Screening

If you are looking to enhance your residential landscape, you should think about using a bamboo screen. Bamboo screening is an ideal structure which can improve your outdoor privacy. The placement of this structure will also improve aesthetics. Bamboo has a natural appeal which blends in with the natural surroundings. Therefore, installation of the screen will boost the overall beauty of your home. In addition, the screening can be used in conjunction with other features like retaining walls and fences. Here are simple tips for efficient installation of the bamboo structure.

Purchase the Screen

It is important to purchase the right bamboo screen for your landscaping applications. There are numerous products matching a range of budgets and preferences. Therefore, you are bound to find something suitable for your unique needs. When acquiring the screening, you should look at the type of bamboo used and its general appearance. Choose a colour which will complement the outdoor environment of your home. It is also essential to check other characteristics like the size of slats, length of roll and surface patterns.

Choose the Support

Bamboo screens can be installed using a range of supporting frameworks. It is important to choose your ideal setting for your new structure for quick and efficient installation. If you do not have a pre-existing support structure, you can build a simple wooden frame set-up for the screening. However, in most cases, this is unnecessary. It is advisable to use the available structures to reduce total project expenses. For instance, you can attach the bamboo screening to a retaining wall or a chain-link fence or you can use posts to establish a freestanding bamboo fence.

Drill Your Fence

You should drill holes for installing connectors like screws before setting up your bamboo screen. Pre-drilling the new structure is crucial because the slats are highly vulnerable to damage. Simply speaking, if you install the connectors directly by nailing, there is a high chance that cracking will occur. Therefore, prepare an area to facilitate pre-drilling before the setup. When creating the holes, you must remember to space them properly to ensure that the screen will be strong and stable.

Install Connectors

Finally, you should place your bamboo screen against the supporting framework and install the connectors. The right connectors are indispensable for building a stable and durable fence. Therefore, you must purchase suitable units made of stainless or galvanised steel. These materials are strong and will not deteriorate quickly due to exposure to moisture and other unfavourable environmental conditions.