Is It a Good Idea to Subdivide Your Property?

If you're lucky enough to own a sizeable plot of land, of which most of the surface is still undeveloped, you may be thinking about your options. You may need to raise some capital or want another revenue stream and are considering some development. In certain circumstances, you may be able to subdivide your land so that you can build an additional property or two and either rent or sell it outright to a third party. [Read More]

4 Benefits of Installing a Brick Fence

If you have decided to install a new boundary fence on your residential property, you may be considering the range of fencing options which are available to you. Because wooden or metal fences are so very popular, you may not have considered the many benefits that building a brick fence could bring. While brick fences are typically more expensive when compared to wood and metal barriers, they do offer you a number of advantages. [Read More]