Road Marking Equipment You Can Hire (Plus What to Look Out For)

Road line marking is an important thing for any large facility such as a school or hospital. Such places entertain many people every day. It is imperative to control traffic in such places to prevent accidents and keep people safe. For you to do this, you will need to pay for the services of a professional road marker alongside the machines that will be used for the job. Even with a skilled professional on the job, the machines must be equally up to the task if you are to realise any quality work. Here are some of the road marking equipment you can use for marking around your public facility:

Thermoplastic Road Marking Machines

If your school, hospital or business facility sits on a large piece of land with several kilometres of pavement, then you need a thermoplastic road marking machine. This machine is very common because it is used to mark many roads including major highways and public roads. Thermoplastic road line spraying machines are low-pressure road marking machines that heat the road paint using liquefied petroleum gas or an infrared mechanism. The top benefit of this heating technique is that it is quick, secure and results in a fine road paint mixture.

When hiring this machine, look out for automatic temperature control of the heating chamber to optimise fuel efficiency. Moreover, the machine should also have differential speed gearing for the front and rear wheels to optimise driver safety when working on sharp bends.

Two-component Road Line Marking Machine

The two-component road marking machine is another alternative you can go for when you need to mark lines near your facility. Even though it is smaller than the thermoplastic machine, it can also be used for areas measuring several kilometres. Their ability to maintain stable pressure throughout the marking process makes this machine highly efficient and reliable.

When hiring this type of machine, look out for state-of-the-art feature such as an automated paint stirring system and long wheel tread (reduces human error during the job).

Cold Paint Road Marking Machine

Cold paint can also be used when marking roads, and there is a special machine designed just for that. The machine uses cold-solvent or water-based paints unlike the other two machines that need to heat the paint. Armed with pneumatic or automatic spraying guns, the machine delivers a flawless line on the surface of the road without much hustle. When hiring, look out for a guide-warning screen and pre-marking feature to reduce the operator's margin of error.